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Issues 8 and 9 released

Our eighth issue, featuring The Fracture, Open Doors — and Getting Over.

We’re also releasing the
ninth issue, featuring To Receive is Better, What You Make it, and A Long Walk, For The Last Time.

There will be a break in publication over the summer, and then we’ll be returning in the Fall... with more issues and a few special publications, too.

Issue 7 released

Our seventh issue, which features More Bitter Than Death, Maybe Next Time — and Everybody Goes.

Issue 6 released

Our sixth issue, which features Enough Pizza, the British Fantasy Award-winning The Dark Land — and This Is Now.

[Issue 5 is also now available]

We’ve also added Barnes & Noble and iBooks links for ePub editions of Michael’s novels…

Issue 4 released

Our fourth issue, which features The Seventeenth Kind, a shopping channel tale, the terrifying and British Fantasy Award-winning What Happens When You Wake Up In The Night — and a commuter's personal hell in Missed Connection.

Ememess Issue 3 released

Issue Three is out today… with The Handover, Being Right and When God lived In Kentish Town — as usual all available either individually, or in issue format.

Issue Two launched

Issue Two is out today… with The Man Who Drew Cats, Save As, and A Convenient Arrangement.


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